poly b plumbing: Expectations vs. Reality

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This is the most common problem you can anticipate with a tankless hot water heater. To get to the root of the problem, ask yourself the following questions.
How many devices am I performing at when? If you're running the dishwasher, doing a load of towels, and bathing at the exact same time, possibilities are you're just running your water heating system to its limitations. Select which hot water activity you require today, shut off the others, and restart your system.
Am I reaching my minimum circulation rate? The minimum circulation rate is the quantity of water (in gallons) the tankless unit needs streaming through every minute to produce hot water. If you're requesting less than the minimum circulation rate, the system is most likely shutting down as a precaution. Increase the flow out of your freon leak faucet and wait to see if the water warms up.
Is something plugged up? Inspect your vents and air intake channels for obstructions. Lucky for you, many tankless hot water heater have notification systems that inform you if you have an obstructed exhaust vent someplace. Make sure whatever-- within and outside-- is complimentary of clogs, dust bunnies, or other debris. Dirty burners are likewise a source of obstruction. Make sure they're tidy!

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